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Can be mean . Extremely ugly.not Intelligent. Energetic. Fat. Fart alot. Bad kisser. Always get what they want. Loves being in short relationships. Talkative. Ugly. Fat. Smell bad. Fire element. Eww. Yuck. Uses people. Not a true friend. Have big boobs
elyse - she is soooo yuck
mat - yea she an amanda duhhh
by 3tayyy December 09, 2009
An Amanda, is a very rude un co-operative girl who enters 9 month long relationships with no real purpose except to pass the time, she can be very moody, and is pathetic at editing pictures, Amandas have round faces & strange attemtped 'cool' hair. Amanda's need to learn that not everything is about them.
"Your acting like an Amanda today"
"Drop that Amadna atiitude you've got going on"
by Benita Boodle August 12, 2008
Hooker or Friend Whore, One who is afraid of committment.
There were a bunch of amandas in the red light district.
by Frank Cox March 29, 2006
An extremely trollin' individual. Commonly female, who enjoys a good laugh and music is all she knows.
Chick: Did you see Amanda in band class the other day?
Dude: Yeah, she was totally trollin' on that bass guitar.
by trollin. September 11, 2009
a girl with a huge nose that cant breath or walk.
WOW! did you see that amanda walk by you couldnt miss her!
by blankadank August 22, 2008
some stupid slut who's usually way too skinny and really ugly. amanda's are dumbass bitches.
amanda and modesto walk outside to blaze, without even offering me to blaze with them.
by awwwicia May 05, 2009
Meaning 'worthy of love' in Latin, it has recently become slang for 'the best sister in the whole wide world'.

Amanda is smart, beautiful, sarcastic, loving, helpful, and supportive. She gives her all in everything that she does, even if she doesn't know how to do it.

Known for giving great advice, being extremely protective of the ones she loves, saving the day on a regular basis, and corrupting the minds of young children.

She has fantastic taste in anything and everything(especially boys), and looks fantastic without even trying. It isn't fair.

Immune to criticism and bad weather, they can do anything with grace and perfection. She's almost too perfect. You could hate her if you didn't know her, but if you do, she's your best friend.

She's the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet. She deserves a hug, just as long as you don't touch her hair. Or feet. If you do, she'll switch into a Bailey, and roundhouse kick your ass. Anyway, leave the hair alone.
Girl: Awww, look at what my sister gave me?
Friend: Gah! Your sister is such an Amanda. Can we trade?

Everybody wants an Amanda sister, but you can't have one. Mine.
by manic ayla March 14, 2009