Only the most beautiful and sensual girl you might ever meet. She has long legs and an ass so good it should be illegal for 14 years to have it. Or so shes been told.
Is very compatible with mairi's and enjoys sea food and lucozade on the down side she has very bad bed hair and tends to land her self in it. She enjoys Adam sandler movies and cant dance to save herself. The person she admires most in the world is her Mairi.
Random : Shit that girl just downed a whole shit load of lucozade.

Other Random : Shh just watch this adam sandler film.
Amanda (turns round) : Fuck me i love amdam sandler and sea food.
An Amanda is kind of like a monkey. It's a girl that seems very nice and respectful at first, but then she will turn around and backfire on you.
Person 1: She seems really nice. I like her
Person 2: Oh no. Totally wrong. She's such an Amanda.
by chadekc July 01, 2009
one who is too obsessed with her boyfriend and clings to him too much.
she needs to stop calling him repeadedly! what an amanda!
by michalangelobrownornopia October 09, 2008
A rare breed of frog only seen walking around with cupcake glued to forehead!
Amanda Ribets for her boyfriend when she cant hit the target with a cupcake.
by katiebabieeeeee August 10, 2008
has been known to drink to much tequila- if this occurs she may do some/all of the following: belt out disney tunes, lose touch with reality, may talk about awesome expansion packs, or bleed profusely from the elbow. may also have trouble catching fun sized butterfingers when chucked at her face.

that girl is crazzzzy, what an amanda..
by beanbooya March 30, 2009
When a man touches a woman in a certain spot which makes the female body tingle with ecstasy and she makes a loud moaning sound.
"Do you hear that sound the neighbors are making?"

"He's puling an Amanda!"
by jewst3r March 04, 2009
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