A rare breed of frog only seen walking around with cupcake glued to forehead!
Amanda Ribets for her boyfriend when she cant hit the target with a cupcake.
by katiebabieeeeee August 10, 2008
has been known to drink to much tequila- if this occurs she may do some/all of the following: belt out disney tunes, lose touch with reality, may talk about awesome expansion packs, or bleed profusely from the elbow. may also have trouble catching fun sized butterfingers when chucked at her face.

that girl is crazzzzy, what an amanda..
by beanbooya March 30, 2009
When a man touches a woman in a certain spot which makes the female body tingle with ecstasy and she makes a loud moaning sound.
"Do you hear that sound the neighbors are making?"

"He's puling an Amanda!"
by jewst3r March 04, 2009
Originally, it was derived and came from an exclamatory sentence "A man DUH!".

1.) It is used to described a gay, transexual or a man dressed in a woman clothes who looks like a girl at first but appear to be a man if you observes him carefully. Thus, can deceived you.

2.) A woman who looks like a man, even more manly than a real man without making an effort because of her muscles, voice or the way she acts.

3.) A very hairy woman who looks like a male bear.
Person 1: Looks who's here!
Person 2: An amanda?
Person1: Yup, she is a girl.
by astron June 29, 2009
Amandas tend to be conniving, manipulative women who have a hard time gaining a personality of their own. Amandas are spineless and typically will flock in groups and alienate those who are strong enough to stand up to them. They are slightly psychotic thus making it a good idea not to trust them.
There's no way you can trust her, she's an Amanda.
by fm2kcsbeci<3u February 02, 2010
an ugly, immature, socially defective, self-centered girl. These attributes are often paired with the impenetrable conceit that is commonly found in self-righteous bigots who are usually unable to realize they know nothing. Often these "Amandas" are unable to deal with stress levels that reach any higher than what a 4 year old will experience and unable to look after their pets effectively, often relying on busy roommates to do everything for her.
"Hey, I'm Amanda."
"I hope we are never roommates."
by gdigg February 04, 2010
a man... DUHHH.
Amanda is not a girl.. thats a man.. duh.
by ashley_rogers08 May 23, 2009

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