an amanda is extra short, black/ white/ maybe asian(her eyes) gurl who is a great dancer;) she is extra pretty.
she likes black guys named Q, she absolutely loves chocolate. if anyone touches her chocolate..she will flip SHIT!!! but if she loves you..she will give you some. some times has a short temper. is an amazing friend &you can count on her when evs you need a ride.

she likes making love faces:)<33

SHE IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I WOULD DIE FOR THIS GIRL. she is one &only. so if you can find a special amanda like mine...thn your super luky.
SOME STUPID GUY: Oooo girl! gimmy some of yo chocolate!

AMANDA: no bitch!! its mine! *10mins later* here!
#love #candy #car #aggressive #tiny
by TBM:) June 25, 2011
A lesbian who fucks black guys. Also known for contradicting everyone and anyone.
Bobbie: are you sick?
Amanda: no, my side is just in a lot of pain.

Ron: when are you gonna give me sum?
Amanda: I don't know how to perform. All I know is how to rip apart a pussy.
#bestie #lezbo #slut #perfect #human
by oatsmobile January 23, 2009
A big skanky whore who has no shame, nasty snaggletooth, thinks she's hot shit but everyone knows she's a bustdown, fake as hell, doesn't have any real friends, she's great to be around if your looking for some fast easy action, and it definitely won't be worth it
Ewww that firl is an amanda
#amanduh #whore #easy #slut #skank
by nonombre December 11, 2012
some one who is a compulsive liar
youre such an amanda why would u lie about being preganant for 5 months you suck
#liar #fat #whore #cunt #slut
by skittles9164 July 23, 2011
A totally amazing girl who is smart, and is an amazing writer. She really should get the guy in the end but the guy she likes usually goes to her best friend except for that one guy from before she new her best friend.
Amanda: (thinking) I like Michale.
Amy: Guess What?
Amanda: What?
Amy: Michale and I are getting back together.
#amanda #amy #awesome #a-man-duh #should stop hanging out with amy because she has already taken two guys
by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadfdsfsadfdsaf February 14, 2009
a spoiled, lazy, self-indulgent, girl who feels entitled to receive help for the rest of her long life.. she thinks that, because her mom didn't raise her, she deserves everything for free. She is uneducated, but tries to convince others that she is intelligent.. she doesn't have the dignity to even get her GED, but brags on FB that her life is great... of course, tomorrow, she may be complaining. She is a fake bitch that needs to grow up!!
I hope that our future doesn't rest with an Amanda.
#spoiled #lazy #bitch #fake #orphan #stupid #ignorant #hipocrit
by ipityu October 13, 2011
Amanda, a name commonly encountered in hippy-archaeology settings as well as among clans that revel in nature themed journeys, is loosely translated to mean, "one who wears steel-toed-boots." It is thought to have been derived from an exclamation by Justin Bieber who encountered the first legendary Amanda trekking through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Enchanted by her ferociousness and beauty, his hanging jaw managed to spew out three syllables: "Ahhhhhh-man-DUHHHH?" A little known fact is that, struck by an epiphany from the light reflecting off of the first Amanda’s boots, Justin was infected with “Bieber-Fever” and hasn’t stopped moving since.
Imma name my lil girl Amanda. I feed her dirt for breakfast and her toenails shine like she tripped on a molten steel puddle. Her momma saw her munchin on a mud clump the other day and was like, 'Baby, baby, baby, NOOOooo!'
#amanda #justin #biebster #fever #the biebs #missy #archaeology
by Stuckinthepast March 31, 2011
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