Loves playing with dianes bumhole
Suck me diane
diane carrie amanda conor benny
by mustafa23455y5 November 24, 2010
US Marshal
where be amanda
by Keel! May 04, 2010
Someone who will always turn their back on you, acting popular and trying to make you look bad. Only talking to you if no one was around, and always making you look bad in front of everyone.
Friend 1: Oh my god, look her.

Friend 2: Oh my gosh she's such an Amanda.
by MaryChappler January 02, 2011
An extremely attractive girl who is loved by all.
Gosh, Amanda is so pretty and nice.
by [(*)] January 12, 2009
A female, typically named Amanda, that is a member of a fitness facility. She frequently drops her gym membership card while shopping for delicious produce at a grocery store, which tends to be spotted by a handsome young lad that proceeds to hit on her.
Person 1: I saw this hot ass chick at the grocery store. When she dropped her keys and I saw that gym membership card, I fell in love!

Person 2: That is sooo Amanda!
by You'd Never Guess February 03, 2010
A name from the Latin meaning "love". Amanda tends to refer to a tiny, power-packed individual with a good head on her shoulders. She's incredibly self-conscious, but if you don't pay close enough attention, you'd never know it. She has eyes that change color with her personality, or so it seems. Brown, hazel, green, and honey gold. Beautiful, long hair and a smile that will take your breath away. She has freckles, but she'll never let you see them. Secretly, she loves tattoos. She's brilliant beyond anything you've seen and she's wittier than the wittiest one around. She puts her friends first in all circumstances, and deserves someone to do the same for her once in a while. She's waiting for a boy to show her that they aren't all the same. Artist doesn't even scratch the surface of who she is, but she is that nevertheless. She has a petite body that will knock you on your butt if you let it. Respect Amanda.
"Did you see Amanda today?"

-"Yeah, man, she's so pretty and she doesn't even know it."

"I heard she has a 104 average in Calculus class."

-"It's true."
by highflyer917 July 06, 2010
amandas are very very dorky/funny unconfident of them selves but ar e realy truely preety they usaly fall for guys named mike or andrew witch are obseseve (mike and andrew).amandas are also sometimes violent and
you are so amanda
by mArK kIrK December 29, 2009

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