A stupid fat whore with muppet lips. She doesn't like to tell the truth and refuses to finish with her mouth. She is a backstabbing friend and she will fuck your day up just by hearing her squeaky voice. She is obsessed with other peoples lives and likes causing drama where it's not needed. She will constantly bitch about working and she will blow her money on stupid tattoos. Amanda's will usually worship Honey Boo Boo, because Amanda's have pig hearts, and bellies. Do not mess with Amanda's they will sit on you and crush your dick.
GEEZ, have you seen Amanda today?

Yes, she looks rather fat and sassy.
#amanda #manda #ugly #fat #sassy
by playswithhunchbacks November 03, 2012
The most amazing girl ever. Shes commonly referred to as "Ms.Perfect , Beautiful , Gorgeous , Love , and Baby" all are very suiting for the girl that can take a boy's breath away with just her smile. At an LA Dodger game she can make people watch her the entire time and never turn away.Not because of her crazy gland expressing skills but because of her beauty as a whole. She captured a boys heart on the opposite side of the country and make me feel like the luckiest man that has ever lived.She is the epitome of perfection from her looks to her charisma. She can make a grown man cry just from her unconditional love.
If you ever get an amanda hold on to that girl even if she does want to steal you hoodie.
#amanda #ashley #amazing #awesome #great
by You're the best I love you. September 15, 2010
The craziest funniest absolute clown you'll know. She is always there to make you laugh and never fails to put a smile on your face :)

-LIZ. I love you Amanda Q. <3
Amanda is without a doubt my best friend.
#crazy #funny #clown #fail #smile
by liz365345697435 March 03, 2010
Amanda is unique, truly special she is. She may be shy at first, so be her friend let her warm up to you, and you will find she is just as warming, with her shining smile that brightens any dark night, her eyes that are the sun that lights the day bright, her nose the core of cuteness, her giggles that make you grin, cascading hair and a personality to match it, fun, wild, sexy, cute, and smart, she is all this and more. Her heart like her, must be handled with care. She is more then a princess, more then a queen, more then a angel, and more then a goddess, she is Amandazing, and she is my BFF, forever, ever and always. Our friendship can withstand anything, and no matter what storm we weather, it will be the structure that always remains, our friendship is pure and true, us meeting, though not as conventional as most, is the first thing I've ever believed to be set in motion by some power greater then myself, you alone give me reason to think there may just be more to this world then what i can see with my eyes, something that can only be felt, within my soul. I was not realy ever a man of belief, but i believe in you, and you give me cause to believe in myself, our friendship, and something more.
I love you Amanda Jane.
#amanda #friend #love #heart #soul #amandazing.
by Joshua Luke November 22, 2011
An amanda is a very yummy girl, but can be a tough nut to crack. A body you want to lick chocolate syrup off of. They typically have juggs that are dying to be motorboated and a butt you want to be friends with. Can be a bit a goofy at times.
That girl's a total amanda
#manda #panda #booty #beauty #boobies
by it wasntmeee July 15, 2009
an extremly beautiful girl. very loveable . awsome kisser . nice curves , everything you want in a girl
friend 1: yo i met this girl her name is amanda.

friend 2: is she thick ?

friend 1 : of course her name is amanda
#amanda #thick #awsome #beautiful #loveable
by are you kidding January 02, 2009
The most awsome event, person, or place.
That party was so Amanda!
#disneyland #party #mandee-loo #justin #kari
by mandee-loo December 12, 2007
A beautiful girl that is very cute and precious. An amanda is usually very cuddly, but only with the boy she loves. Amandas have amazing bodies. They usually have a hot boyfriend that is very violent. An Amanda is one of a kind and very special; makes others jealous. Guys want her, but can never have her.
Guy From OC: "Dude i want that amanda so i can hit that bro, but she seems way out of my league..."
bf From Ventura: "oh thats because she is.. She and her perfect body are mine so back off before i kill you."
#amanda #oc #orange county #bro dudes #mine #beautiful #pretty #jealous #wonderful #genuine #special #perfect
by jdm vta June 20, 2009
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