A stupid fat whore with muppet lips. She doesn't like to tell the truth and refuses to finish with her mouth. She is a backstabbing friend and she will fuck your day up just by hearing her squeaky voice. She is obsessed with other peoples lives and likes causing drama where it's not needed. She will constantly bitch about working and she will blow her money on stupid tattoos. Amanda's will usually worship Honey Boo Boo, because Amanda's have pig hearts, and bellies. Do not mess with Amanda's they will sit on you and crush your dick.
GEEZ, have you seen Amanda today?

Yes, she looks rather fat and sassy.
by playswithhunchbacks November 03, 2012
A girl that is very good at wheeling in men to their death.Also known as a succubus, whore, skank, or any other word that describes a girl that is very promiscuous.Another example being slut.
Amanda just got engaged to Billy but is fucking Zack.
by Apathy by the name of bitch October 08, 2008
(1) An over used, common, boring female name.

(2) A female that is really a male.
(1) Hi, I'm Amanda and this is my friend Amanda and that is her friend Amanda and so on...

(2) A-MAN-DA.

Is that a guy or a girl? Neither it's an AMANDA!
by D.H.H July 17, 2008
Amanda is the name for a bitch. Anyone who you come across with this name is going to ruin your life so hurry! Run, and run fast because once shes in your life she will fuck it up royally. There has yet to be an exception to this, so until one is found be cautious, and afraid because there will always be an Amanda in your life at some point. Also been known as manda for short.
"that Amanda ruined my life!"
"shes been talking to my boyfriend a lot, i have a feeling shes going to be an Amanda.."
by sammy sugarlips May 11, 2009
Generally a girl name.
Amandas have a tendency to party and have a good time with their friends and many guy friends. They can be humorous and friendly, but somtimes not very loyal to their friends.
Amandas can vary from phenominal athletes to dumpy girls who can only ride horses as a sport.
Amandas have problems when it comes to commitment to one man when they are outside a relationship. Amandas are also known for betraying their girls in order to increase their self esteem
The name amanda is extremely common so these traits may vary.
1.) Amanda is that girl at the barn
2.) I hung with Amanda last night
by Mkain22 January 14, 2009
a whore; slut; bitch; cunt; liar; a person who likes to sleep with old men or just any one who will have sex with her.
if u like to sleep with 34 year olds then you shall be called an Amanda.
by hisgirl November 05, 2008
An Amanda, is a very rude un co-operative girl who enters 9 month long relationships with no real purpose except to pass the time, she can be very moody, and is pathetic at editing pictures, Amandas have round faces & strange attemtped 'cool' hair. Amanda's need to learn that not everything is about them.
"Your acting like an Amanda today"
"Drop that Amadna atiitude you've got going on"
by Benita Boodle August 12, 2008
Hooker or Friend Whore, One who is afraid of committment.
There were a bunch of amandas in the red light district.
by Frank Cox March 29, 2006

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