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A stupid fat whore with muppet lips. She doesn't like to tell the truth and refuses to finish with her mouth. She is a backstabbing friend and she will fuck your day up just by hearing her squeaky voice. She is obsessed with other peoples lives and likes causing drama where it's not needed. She will constantly bitch about working and she will blow her money on stupid tattoos. Amanda's will usually worship Honey Boo Boo, because Amanda's have pig hearts, and bellies. Do not mess with Amanda's they will sit on you and crush your dick.
GEEZ, have you seen Amanda today?

Yes, she looks rather fat and sassy.
by playswithhunchbacks November 03, 2012
20 24
The most beautiful woman in the world. She tends to care for everyone and everything. The nicest creature in this world that wouldn't hurt a fly. However, she's the best at seducing and never ceases to let your attention go.
Amanda is so beautiful today-- fuuuuuuudge! Just got a boner.
by Mr. A-Boersen October 06, 2010
854 544
When applied to a WOMAN, the wonderful, lovely, beautiful name AMANDA means LOVE. When applied to a cross-dressing man, AMANDA means, "Dude, look at that NON-CHICK over there, A MAN, DUH!"?
AMANDA is a super beautiful name for an ACTUAL woman. But, that doesn't mean that slang words cannot sound like non-slang words. Even names: Dick, Peter, Roger (british) and John (2 meanings!). AMANDA girl, we AMANDA (love) you! Please accept our apologies for any misunderstandings.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian August 02, 2006
3659 3353
amazingly amazing so much fun to be around crazy but lovable the shorter the better amzingly big boobs and butt and gives the best compliments! she is smart in her own way which makes her even more loveable!!! you cant help but wanna be one or know one
amandas face is gorgeously sexy!
by Ciera J August 30, 2008
1004 758
(name) A girl who is beautiful in every single way, she has nice eyes, a kind heart, and a clean soul. Studies show that 90% of girls name Amanda are literally related to God.
If you don't have an Amanda, then you ought to get one, and put it on your highest shelf.
by lolzhimers March 13, 2012
276 109
A unique individual. No two are the same.
My name is Amanda and I like to read.
My name is Amanda and I like to PARTY!
by AmandaCartier May 13, 2007
909 768
A girl who is very unsure about who she really is. Amanda's are often unsure if what they do is for other people or purely for personal gain.

Amanda's need to experience things before they beleive them, and because of this, no matter how many times they are warned off something they wont listen and will do it anyway.
They have very strong emotions.
They often find decision making very difficult, and this means that they don't make very good pilots.
They are very loyal to people who give them the respect that all people deserve and don't often get.
I'm having a really hard time making up my mind, I'm feeling really Amanda.

Are you having and Amanda day? You don't seem to know what you're doing...
614 540
an extremly beautiful girl. very loveable . awsome kisser . nice curves , everything you want in a girl
friend 1: yo i met this girl her name is amanda.

friend 2: is she thick ?

friend 1 : of course her name is amanda
by are you kidding January 02, 2009
1494 1426