a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, even her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants with who she wants
i love lucy's attitude. it's an amanda attitude.
by millamobradley April 21, 2008
an ugly, immature, socially defective, self-centered girl. These attributes are often paired with the impenetrable conceit that is commonly found in self-righteous bigots who are usually unable to realize they know nothing. Often these "Amandas" are unable to deal with stress levels that reach any higher than what a 4 year old will experience and unable to look after their pets effectively, often relying on busy roommates to do everything for her.
"Hey, I'm Amanda."
"I hope we are never roommates."
by gdigg February 04, 2010
a man... DUHHH.
Amanda is not a girl.. thats a man.. duh.
by ashley_rogers08 May 23, 2009
a girl who has mood swings. is a complete bitch and utterly rude and thinks she is above everyone else but she is really not. has sex on the weekends and tends to not care about her life. a girl who craves to be cute but she will never be therefore she is a jealous of all other girls
girl: i hate amanda shes a bitch
boy: most girls do, but i just want to fuck her
girl: ask her im sure she will
boy: i will
by 4385792 June 16, 2009
someone or more like something that has a mental illness. Best described as SCHIZOPHRENIA. Racist, delusional, and depends way too much on weed to help her get through the day.. Karma is a bitch so enjoy life now....
Did you see that person.. she so has an AMANDA syndrome.
by maria-hoo-chi October 28, 2008
stupid whore of a girl who thinks its funny to play games with your heart. will break up with you only to be texting you an hour later acting like you are still together. Then when word gets around you're tired of her she bad mouths you to everyone, while still acting all nice to you. don't ever date an amanda, they are two-faced bitches.
dude: that one amanda girl, I went out with her for half a year before I saw what she was
dude 2: holy shit, me too I was her last ex
dudette: shes a bitch to everyone
dude: coulda told me sooner
by somebodysecret September 26, 2009
Someone who will lie to you for your money or friend connections. Has no feelings. Stupid. Usually your best friend for a long time before you find out she was stealing your money and jewelry. Will stalk you. Eats everything with a topping, like ketchup. Extremely stupid and will end up pregnant and with out a husband. Amanda binds is the only exception to this. She's funny and sweet.
Have you seen my money?


Damn amanda stole it again!
by Ilike3things1isyou August 18, 2009
a thunder cunt
You are such an amanda
by Idleprechaun April 11, 2009

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