A mythological giant of the Tsimshian Native Americans, who holds the spinning earth on a pole on Amala's back. Duck oil is applied to Amala's muscles once a year. Native Americans believe that once ducks are extinct, Amala will drop the earth and we will all die.
Damn, that Amala sure has clutch.
#giant #native american #amallama #duckoil #myth
by hyphywifey December 15, 2007
Top Definition
A fun person that always has a smile on her face to brighten up your day. Very emotional, yet strong and capable. Extremely loving and means the world to so many people. She has an amazing sense of humour and can always make u laugh. She'll always have good advice and be great comfort when you're feeling down.
Amala is an amazing person to know.
#fun #happy #strong #emotional #humour
by Bethany-Adams March 19, 2009
A naughty titan
You were a amalas tonight!
#ben #titan #hopewell #lake #smooth
by Nick Linfoot August 20, 2008
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