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A bad ass movie about Mozart. It won 8 Academy Awards including best picture.
My class watched Amadeus in music class.
by Fiona Slennz March 27, 2005
An insane male that seconds as the most politically incorrect being you will ever meet. He can often be found passed out in public bathrooms on days when he thinks hes skipping school, but really theres no school that day. He tackles people into concrete when they attempt to steal his beanie. He has gotten expelled from school for giving out caffeine pills when he has done much worse.
He is inevitably still amazingly cool.
Guy 1- Dude, where were you yesterday
Guy 2- Passed out in a bathroom. I didnt want to go to school.
Guy 1- There was no school yesterday. You are such an Amadeus.
by Tyler the Durden January 17, 2009
A term used to gain attention from others and invite those to do the same. Often shouted within a large crowd of people (usually band nerds) putting heavy accent on the e.
Zach: "Hey Ben, what song are we playing?"

Ben: ..."AMADEUS!"

Everyone Else: "AMADEUS!"
by Amadeus Koler November 05, 2011
the characteristic yell of a female during anal intercourse. specifically, a yell that reaches the higher notes; indicative of a forceful penetration
She let out a long "amadeus" as Jackson came in forcefully from behind.
by dizzlerocker May 08, 2005
Possibly the greatest nightclub in the south east of england...established in rochester and is therefore hugely popular amongst complete mindless half-wits who like nothing more than getting trashed and starting on their mates. is also incredibly popular among absolutely stunning females...which is nice
"are yoooz lot gaahn daahn amadeus tanite?"
"nah caahnt be aaahsed innit"
"shall we just shoot up?"

"Christ....look at the femoire in here!!!"
by Browners07 February 26, 2005
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