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Kickass person with an amazing personality!
Likes being around people of equal awesomeness.
Alysse is one of the best people around.
by Skemo July 25, 2008
1) A really big loser/dork who sux monkey butt and likes cold pizza

2) The most amazing girl ever. Beautiful, athletic, smart, blonde.. Just the perfect girl.

AKA - Shorty
1) You're soooo Alysse.

2) You must be Alysse!
by TaySwif June 10, 2009
The most F-ing disgusting girl in the world. Usually covers her face in make-up just to hide all the acne. It doesn't help though because an Alysse is just another definition for the most rat looking, fat looking, stupidest blonde, who THINKS she is cool. Usually has a boyfriend who cheats on her constantly because she isn't lovable but demands things. NEVER have what you call an Alysse in you life & if you do KICK HER OUTTA YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD....!
Rob: Isn't that make-up SUPPOSE to cover up you acne..?"
Terry: "That's what you call Alysse. Most ugliest person in the world!"
by That Guy12324352 September 29, 2011