A stunning and beautiful goddess sent from above. She is strong willed, defiant. Alysa has passion for life & is loved by everyone. She is stunningly beautiful, averting attention to her everywhere she goes. She has long soft hair, a nice curvy body, a smile that makes your heart leap for joy, skin so smooth aching to be touched & beautiful eyes that mirror kindness. Her presence makes the bad days into good ones. Alysa is VERY energetic making an atmosphere instantly full of life. She is funny & appealing. Adventurous. Despite trials she always strives for self improvement. Alysa is a fighter for justice never allowing the weak to fall supporting them in every way she can. Alysa enjoys talking will listen & help others with problems. Her heart is pure & innocent always looking for ways to satisfy. She is someone you can trust and confide with all secrets. She will never betray you & will stand by your side. She is my best friend always there. As a lover she is considerate and enthusiastic catching and keeping attention. She loves with all her heart. She loves to be naughty & loves to be called baby. She does not share her man with ANYONE. She is extremely playful & adorably shy. The amount of effort she puts into life exceeds anyone I’ve known. I fell in love with Alysa Nicole I would follow and protect this girl to my grave.
by lilvietkyle December 21, 2013
Top Definition
A simple yet complex girl. Normally athletic, driven, and knows how to have a good time. Extremely awkward and likes to smile. Known to have a great body and is a freak on the dance floor.
Damn, I wish I could be an Alysa.
by GrooveSmooth2 November 29, 2010
While often mistaken for the name Alyssa or Alicia, the name Alysa (pronounced Ah-lee-sah) is a legitimate name. It's of French/Germanic origin, meaning "noble and kind". The name Alysa is the 3587 most common female first name in the United States. Because Alysa is a less common name, many people who are named such are unique, slightly off kilter, and make a lasting impression on the people they meet.
Alysa and went to grab some lunch the other day, and out of nowhere she started singing.
by Quite Contrary March 29, 2009
alysa is super sweet and kind. she is shy at first but once you get to know her she is funny as hell. alysa has a great body and a beautiful personality to go with it. once you meet an alysa don't ever let her go. she is a great kisser and is the best at sex. alysa is athletic, smart, beautiful, and out going. she has long brown hair and eyes of gold. in her love life she will do anything to get the one she wants and once she him she will never let him go. alysa is a little crazy and wild at time but that just turns people on to her even more. as far as being brave alysa will do anything for an adventure and will sometimes risk too much for a thrill. alysa is a real bad ass but will make your life worth it.
(love her forever)- alysa
by #itsjustme!! January 28, 2014
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