an awesome girl with a great imagination.
zany, crazy, and down right amazing, she is hard not to like.
often pretty and good at nearly everything.
not afraid to be different, she lets the world know her opinion.
she is kind, considerate, and a great friend to all.

celtic origin, meaning Noble
that girl is amazing!
her name must be Alys
by Strider95 April 30, 2010
"Aly" A.K.A Alyssa. Most common nickname for Alyssa or Allyson.

Super fun to be around and never stops smiling. Even if she is hurting inside and is having her own personal struggles, she is caring and kind. She will put other people before herself and would take a bullet for people close to her. It is difficult to get close to her though, most Aly's have trust issues- especially with men. She always help out the community and joins lots of clubs and groups.
Not only is she beautiful on the inside, but she''ll know you dead as soon as you lay eyes on this angel. Usually short with brunette hair. Gorgeous green or blue eyes. A smile brighter than the sun, with flawless teeth. A body that will leave you weak at the knees. Her breathtaking beauty has boys lined up all around the block, you're a lucky guy if you get an Aly. Even though she could have any guy she wants, Aly is an extremely loyal lover. She sticks by her man no matter what. Aly's usually fall in love with boys whose name start with the letter "E".
Aly also has many talents such as dancing, singing, and acting. Aly usually is not very good at art, though. Most common interests in Aly's are cheer leading and dance. They also like to fight and play video games (If they learn)
"Aly is SO gorgeous!"
"Aly totally kicked that girl's ass!"
by Lyssy_love November 16, 2013
Always Love You
i will A.L.Y.
by Kaykay22 December 28, 2011
Alys is a beautiful girl who falls in love at an early age. She is also shy but knows how to have a good time. Alys falls in love with guys who treat her right. so if you play your cards right you can win her heart. But she is taken right now.
Alys loves Cody
by codythekid31 August 06, 2013
A girl who is addicted to meth and is high all the time. Also, she worships Satan and has a weird but funny sense of humor.
Stop eating all the Potato Knishes like an Aly!!
by Jessetheretardedmethhead January 24, 2015
super sexy, amazingest perosn to walk the earth, hottest girl in the school. wears ladybird socks, likes to chill, beautiful hair usually blonde, soso funny and always know how to joke around :)
by bell23456789987654321 January 20, 2012
Welsh for penis
I can't stop touching Alys
by kevin2 September 05, 2010

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