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Alwayz Fucking Around is a clothing company for the angry, outkast, rebel, misunderstood youth .It was designed and created by Anthony Mojica A.K.A. TANKDGAF. Created in late 2009 and dedicated to all kids out there who have had adults say "Why are you guys Always Fucking Around?" With that said join the club and check them out at www.myspace.com/alwayzfukingaround

Look for the club with AFA in it.
Example 1: Billy to friend : Hey watch me 360 over the neighbors trash cans.

Angry neighbor: Why are you kids always fucking around!

Example 2: Kid 1: Hey whats that AFA on your shirt stand for?
Kid 2: Alwayz Fucking Around clothing. ;)
by Smiley Handcock July 02, 2010