Badassitude and death incarnated!
Guy#1:It's alucard!
Guy#2:I Think I Just Wet Myself.
by JT Fish August 08, 2003
Top Definition
1.Main character in an anime called Hellsing.
2.Character in the Castlevania series.
3.Dracula spelled backwards
4.Believed to be the name of the reincarnation of Count Vlad Tepes Dracula.
y0 dad
by -Drakken August 23, 2003
The main character from the anime Hellsing.
Alucard is so cool that when he enters the room the temperature actually drops.
by HT January 13, 2004
1.) A vampire in the service of Sir Integra Wingates Fairbrook Hellsing. He's from the anime Hellsing. You should buy it, it's good. He's the coolest anime character since . . . well, lets face it, most anime sent to america sucks. Its okay, I'm an anime fan, a female japanese cartoonist, and I know my stuff.
2.) That character from Castlevania, he was Dracula's son. The comic was okay . . . but there should only be one Alucard in the world! The anime one! The anime one! Dammit!
3.) Dracula spelled backwards. That's right, spell it backwards. Dumbass.
4.) The supposed reincarnation of Vlad Tepes (say-pesh)or Vlad The Impaler, also known as Dracula. The name Dracula translates to "son of the devil".
5.) A dude from INA studios. He's pretty cool. They do flash animations on Newgrounds.
"I appreciate your patience on this, Lord Alucard." ~Walter from Hellsing, episode 6, "blood brothers."
alucard. A Manga fictive vampire in the serie Hellsing. And a very powerfull vampire. Alucard spelled backwards ALUCARD
DRACULA He is not son of Dracula.He IS Dracula. Alucard is the badest of all vampires since he is haveing a very hard time dying. Greatest enemy - Paladin Alexander Anderson.
From Hellsing Dead Zone
alucard "Stop Whining! All I did was cut off your stupid legs! Summon your demons! Transform yourself! Regenerate your legs! Stand up! Pick up your gun and attack me! Do something! The night is still so young, and the real fun is yet to start! Hurry, hurry, hurry, HURRY!!!
You're just like the rest... a disappointment."
by Lennart ryan October 04, 2007
An immortal, invulnerable to death. Son of Dracula.
by Alucard-- June 03, 2003
Character from the anime Hellsing (released by Pioneer in the US). A vampire servant to Lady Integra, head of the Hellsing organization.

Alternate spelling: Arucard
Alucard: Permission to release Cromwell restriction
by Ronamo December 11, 2003
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