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Our Alter Egos are mostly Idiots, but sometimes Allies, made up based on our "not normal" personalities. (Although we are all always not normal.) Jasmine's other is Bloo, Helene's is Morbid, and Jackie's is Salami. If you want coming-of stories ASK US!
"Normal" Jasmine is Jasmine. Hyper, laughy, crazy, weird, perky Jasmine is Bloo. "Normal" Helene is Helene. Ticked off, scary, thinking-of-blood Helene is Morbid. "Normal", serious, studious, book-reading, thinking-of-blood Jackie is Salami. Hyper, perky, ooh-look-at-the-shiny-fire Jackie is Jackie.
by Alter Ego Allies March 15, 2005