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Adios My Feces, used after taking a particularly heartfelt dump but before flushing. Wishes your brown offspring a good journey from their porcelain altar.
Alpha Mike Foxtrot! we shall meet again some day!
by monkeywobble March 31, 2010
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1. Adios, Mother Fucker - Used in radio transmissions (allegedly Vietnam-era), sometimes late at night to dispatchers you want to startle.

2. Adios, My Friend - What you tell your Boss, mother, etc, that it means.

(Can also be used as "AMF", in chat)
1. "Alpha Mike Foxtrot, Charlie-3" - (Charlie-2)
"?" - (Charlie-3)
(Rest of shift laughs at 3)

2. "Just saying Goodbye to Dave, Mom!"
by MedPig October 05, 2007
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