Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is and was the first black women sorority...but not the best. Delta Sigma Theta has put them to rest. AKA's have always been known for their colors and sometimes pretty faces but what else??? AKA's are nothing but a social really be honest you can get your letters in three days without even working for them. See in will work for what you have, nothing will be given to you that easy. So if you want to be known as haters and sluts for the rest of your life join the stupid sorority of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.
AKA: oh my god...what have I done....I wanted to be a Delta but I chose Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. cause I THOUGHT I would be pretty!
by Tranquilizer March 15, 2008
Top Definition
This is the first African American Sorority founded in 1908 with a motto "By culture and by merit". Alpha Kappa Alpha believes in sisterhood and service and has been positively impacting the world for the past 103 years! The colors are salmon pink and apple green. These women are often looked at as classy, beautiful, intelligent and passionate about their goals. They promote high ethical and moral standards, promote education, unity and friendship among college women, maintain progressive interest in college life and provide service. They paved the way and set the example for other sororities to follow. Alpha Kappa Alpha is the First and the Finest! Three times imitated, but Never duplicated. If you're looking for a lifelong bond with strong women and to help make a change in the world around you, this is the sorority for you!
I wanted to be an AKA and here's the reason why.
Of all the towns around, no better group I found
So I joined them right away
And this I have to say
We have tried, we have tried, we have tried
Now we made it to AKA!

Alpha Kappa Alpha is the Only way!

For more info about Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. See
by FOURce Field June 13, 2011
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