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That annoying b**** who tires to kill you at the end of Tribunal with Hopesfire. The only cool thing about her is her badass body guards.
Dude 1: WTF Almalexia tried to kill me!

Dude 2: You're what did who? Are you playing Morrowind again!?!
by Jiklajack Amarouirous May 18, 2010
A goddess who has quite an agressive way of communication with mortals. She is very pretty, like Tinuviel in Lord of the Rings. She was married with Nerevarine, slayer of Dagoth Ur, devil of Morrowind, but she killed his re-incarnation in Sotha Sil's palace.
Almalexia: Morrowind, Nerevarine, Sotha Sil, Mournhold, Tinuviel
by Meggz0rz July 22, 2006

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