Leading actor of hit tv series "medium". Her appearance is some what funny due to the fact that she had a fight with her hair dresser two weeks prior to the series being filmed. This resulted in Allsion sporting a faggot-cut also and more commonly referred to as a bowl cut.
Wow this Allison Dubois bitch has a mad homosexual hair-do.
by Paul K January 22, 2007
Top Definition
Main character of American TV show Medium. Has a hipster haircut in which her blonde straight bangs cover most of her forehead.

Also always shot from the boobs up 'cause she's a bit on the chub side.

Incredible actress nonetheless.
Me: Allison Dubois should stop having a beer everynight before going to bed.

You: It's just a show, sweetheart.
by Alice K January 22, 2007
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