Allie's like a super amazing sexy chicahh! She's amazing and super athletic with an amazing smile and personality! She outshines all the rest and is sooooo sexy hot that every guy loves her!
daaammmnn girl! i wish i was an allie!
by Sexy Chick(: March 08, 2012
super pretty funny and nice probably the best person you will ever meet. She is literally perfect. Everything she does is hot and all the guys want her. Usually a brunette and has brown eyes that glow in the light. Can be a bitch sometimes, but she does care about you. Never let her go
wow allie is so hot
by bootaypoppin May 02, 2015
Allison or Alexandra. She is the perfect southern girl, no strike that, she's the perfect Texan. Loves football, shooting, cooking, country music and taking care of those around her. Allie has had a hardship or two but comes out as a survivor. Always polite and even in her sweat pants, she looks amazing.
--Who was that screaming at the TV when the (insert NFL team here) scored?!
--Oh, that was Allie.
by gocowboys September 22, 2013
The bitch that takes all your friends
That girl is such a Allie
A bitchy tease who leads men on. Is a horrible person and friend as well. Typically works in fast food because can't get a real job because people hate her. A fake ass bitch.
I work at a pizza place, I'm such an Allie.
by Kermitsippingtea May 09, 2015
Allie is a two-faced skunkbag who will make your life a living hell for no apparent reason. Greatly unlikes by most. Lies, gossips, and spreads rumors. MEGA BITCH!!
That girl just turned on me for like the 3rd time. I can't be her friend anymore, she's such an Allie.
by hihihihihihihi111 June 07, 2014
An allie is someone who tries to be flawless by over-editing their pictures and dying their hair once a month.
You can tell by her facebook pics she is an allie
by sfhfhjhfkdgeilr March 03, 2012

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