The most beautiful and loving girl you will ever meet. Allie is defined by her naturally tan skin, beautiful green eyes, and incredibly white smile. She is always down to hangout and will be nice to almost anyone she's around.

Allie works her ass off in all of the activities she participates in, but does not get nearly the credit she deserves. Even though people may get under her skin to the point of where she is completely fed up, Allie still somehow finds a way to be kind to that person. She also has an undying need to serve and help others, especially those that are less fortunate than she, going so far as to travel to other countries to do so. These traits give Allie the biggest heart in the world.

She also has the smoothest skin known to mankind. Allie is very outgoing so make sure you take her camping and go on trips with her, and if you want to make her morning, take her to IHOP for breakfast.

Allie is every guys real dream girl. She is funny and very intellectual about stuff that most guys have no idea about. Allie loves to snuggle and is great at it because she is always very warm. She is such a good girlfriend that she will even write some of your English papers, just for the fun of it! Allie will be more loving than you would ever expect. Every man needs an Allie in their life, because if so, then there would never be conflict between men. A guy can only hope that one day his wife will possess some of the same qualities as Allie.
Bro 1: Son! Did you see that chick back there?! She had a rockin' bod!

Bro 2: Haha who cares, nobody compares to Allie.
by Young pushup January 14, 2014
Allison or Alexandra. She is the perfect southern girl, no strike that, she's the perfect Texan. Loves football, shooting, cooking, country music and taking care of those around her. Allie has had a hardship or two but comes out as a survivor. Always polite and even in her sweat pants, she looks amazing.
--Who was that screaming at the TV when the (insert NFL team here) scored?!
--Oh, that was Allie.
by gocowboys September 22, 2013
Allie is a two-faced skunkbag who will make your life a living hell for no apparent reason. Greatly unlikes by most. Lies, gossips, and spreads rumors. MEGA BITCH!!
That girl just turned on me for like the 3rd time. I can't be her friend anymore, she's such an Allie.
by hihihihihihihi111 June 07, 2014
An allie is someone who tries to be flawless by over-editing their pictures and dying their hair once a month.
You can tell by her facebook pics she is an allie
by sfhfhjhfkdgeilr March 03, 2012
Most amazing outgoing person you will meet. Usually very white and people call her albiney.
kid " whoa she's white!"

friends " yeah thats Albiney"

kid " ohh thats Allie"
by AMCreamer August 16, 2010
Usually very sarcastic and cruel. If Allie is not the center of attention then she will go cut down the girl who is by using her insecurities against her. She will act like she is the best thing to happen to man-kind but around her friends she will fake low self esteem just to hear them compliment her which only boosts her ego. She cannot stand the thought of a guy not wanting her so she will steal every boyfriend you bring home. Although she is not pretty in any way she still will get the guys because not only does she dress like a slut she is a slut.
Friend: Allie isn't my boyfriend amazing? Allie?
{Allie is making out with her friend's boyfriend and startin to undress him}
Friend: Oh. Gosh I hate Allie she is such a slut.
a delicious whipped treat containing both jello and booby munch.
"shall I buy the nutty allie or the female frosty seamen allie?"
by poopmister November 22, 2007

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