Makes fun of everyone, falls in love easily, super cute, talks a lot, likes to scream. And is super Fly.
Allie is super fly. Allie screams at people. Allie's in love with me.
by Mike:] December 07, 2008
cute, fun, mad chill, and athletic (:
guy 1: did you just see allie?
guy 2: yeah! shes everthing a guy would want!
by ilovethisguy<3 August 31, 2010
A badass chick, that's down for a great time.
im bored...go hang out with Allie!
by im2legit January 08, 2010
the most amazing friend anybody could ever have.
she is so honest and beautiful.
rare allies are usually brown hair and brown eyes and tan
however the more common allies are blue eyes and paled skin allies.
allies are very honest people with great bodies. they are very confident with themselves and love to laugh. they are independent, beautiful, smart people who make everyone jealous, they are fearless and are able to speak what is on their mind and be honest with you.
damn, i wish i was like allie

no one is like allie, you wish loser.
by radada72489127589758913afhhfk August 18, 2011
She is the prettiest girl who everyone wants to be freinds with! She is tall, green eyes and gorgeous..SHe is very athletic but clumsy. A great friend and everyone wants to be around her. She loves her boyfreind<3 MAny people talk about her becasue they r jealous.. Allie thinks she isnt pretty and thinks she is fat. (but isnt) Altogether Allie is a smart, athletic, funny, skinny, pretty, nice girl!
#1- Whos that girl?
#2- O, thats allie! She's hot right! but shes taken
by Sacara December 03, 2011
Allie is a fun-loving, honest girl, who loves to be with her closest friends. She's a short, brunette with beautiful blue eyes that make you melt. And she has the cutest nose ever! You can trust her with absolutely anything. She's great at cheerleading and loves to be loud. Allie is an amazing girlfriend to all of her lovers. She's never one to cheat and she will always tell you her honest feelings about anything. Allie is simply amazing. <3
person #1: did you hear that girl over there?
person #2: no, what'd she say?
person #1: she was giving her honest opinion on EVERYTHING.
person #2: oohh..yeah, that's Allie! She's awesome and really trustworthy! I love her.
by coolest cat. July 25, 2011
1) are sexier than megan fox!
2) look beautiful in softball/volleyball uniforms;)
3) have to best personality ever!
4) should go out with Clayton:D
5) love texting on chodes!
Dude 1- Look at that Allie
Dude 2- Damn shes lookin' fine!
by GorillazWarfar3 July 01, 2011

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