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A small town in Monmouth County, NJ. Its an amazing town where everyone knows everyone. Better then pennsyvainia's allentown.
"dude i was in allentown, nj and ate at la piazza." said jon.
"Sick. i was at the candyshop a week ago. to bad they shut down." said fred.
by a guy in atown January 09, 2011
The other, and better, Allentown. If you live in central Jersey, you probably drive through Allentown to get to the shore and don't even realize it. Known for the quaint shops on Main Street and annoying wandering packs full of teenagers that think they're badass. Also, the majority of the people in town are more intelligent than the jackass that wrote the other post.
I'm From Allentown-
Oh, so you're from Pennsylvania?
...Nope, the other Allentown. Allentown, NJ. Fuck yea, Jersey!
by imatownie December 11, 2011

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