nice dresser

always positive

good in bed

huge rack

party animals

perfect but


likes men

loves animals

drop dead gorgeous

kick ass


not the brightest bulb in the box
has many blonde moments

and to sum it all up pretty much the best person to live on earth . . . everyone wants to be her :)
-dude shes SMOKIN ! ! ! ! ! !

- i know right shes such an allana!
by rinohorn August 15, 2011
Top Definition
Is the most amazing person in the world and is so beautiful its unreal! She always makes people laugh and when you see her passing by, you cant help to realise how amazing she actually is, She is a brilliant dancer and has blonde hair which is her best feature aswell as her eyes and she always smells really nice!!!!
Personally, she is the reason I live and breath and with out her I would be nothing!!!!!!!!!!
Woah, she is amazin!!!!!!!!
Yeah, thats Allana!!!!
by TheguythatlovesAllanaloads!!!! October 22, 2011
an awesome girl, who is kinda blonde acting, but only because she is a natural one. she is very smart in some subjects but in others there is no help. she gets very upset when she looks up her name on urbandictionary and it come up as an old lady with an ate up vagina. she is also very good at dancing, because she has wasted 14 years of her life to dancing.
allana- "lets look up my name on urban dictionary!"
allana-"WTF!? how do i make a new definition!?"
by frederick cheezytush August 31, 2010
My best friend, an amazing dancer, a beautiful person inside and out. One of the strongest people I have ever met, and one of the most determined. When she wants something she goes and gets it. She's super unique, bubbily, loud, quirky, and sometimes annoying, but thats what makes her so awesome. She's able to pull off any hair colour, and looks good in anything (she can even pull off baggy, frumpy clothing, like how?!). She jokes around a lot, so you have to take a lot of what she says with a grain of salt. She gets along best with people that are able to just sit there while she rambles on and on, or with people that match her craziness.
"Why did that person just jump on your back making dinosaur noises and then run off? Do you know her?"
"oh that's just Allana being Allana"

"Gee, I wish I was Allana, she can pull off anything. Even purple hair."
by Just Lil 'ol Me June 12, 2014
an amazing girl who i have just asked out in a letter and she said yes I know old school right but i want to fuk her and she is a brunet and her eyes are brown and she plays basketball. A.K.A. horny
me: hi allana
Allana: hi king wanna fuk me
me : where the condoms at bitch
Allana: opens her pussy and says(come find them)
me: OO la la
by dis nigga 334 January 19, 2013
A girls name, normally having red coloured hair, and is incredibly sexy.
Mostly attracted to larger men, who have the name Toby.
Smart and super-sexy, with a great bum.
Hi, i'm Allana, I have red-hair, and a great bum
You're Toby, right?
I am attracted to you because you are large and have the name Toby.
by Mr. Doctor Professor Toby September 02, 2008
An old bitch with an ate up vagina. she's almost 30 but looks like she could be pushing 55.
did you think she was cute?

uhhh no she was a total Allana
by FDLL August 30, 2010
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