100% shit.
I went to taco bell last night, and this morning was All-Bran.
by adam12121212121212 March 20, 2010
Top Definition
a politer, more swaggerlicious way to say brown people. South Asians etc.
"LMFAO omg hes so ALL-BRAN"
by shuttupyawldontmesswiththezoh January 06, 2011
The current height of Andrew Allbran. The height of all people can be measured in Allbrans.

You simply divide 190.50 cm by 100 and multiply the result by your own height in centimetres. This formulae was worked out in late 2008 by Iain Vernham and Iain Robertson.
How tall are you?

About '0.92 Allbrans'

Quite tall!
by TheAlbon December 05, 2010
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