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A Team Fortress 2 community started in late 2009/early 2010 by former members of the FuG gaming community after a few admins of the aforementioned community staged a "coup", taking over the game servers and website, and becoming Free Frag Network. A few admins didn't like Free Frag decided to create another community, the All Originals community. At first they only had a 24/7 2fort server, but that was soon changed to a "Back to Basics" server with most of the official VALVe maps. They soon added a "Smorgasbord" server, which had all of the Back to Basics maps with a few custom maps added. Later on a community member decided to donate his game server to the community, adding a third server with only Arena maps. Another member is working on getting a fourth server online, this one with both official and custom Capture the flag maps only.
You can find the All Originals forum at
by G-Force (not the movie) June 16, 2010
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