An asian who will always be your friend and there for you. He will ALWAYS talk dirty and cuss but he will still be your friend for life. He will always have pich black hair, brown skin, and a dirty mouth.
"Dude, that asian cusses WAY too much. I think he seriously needs to stop."

"Yeah, I know he is definately an Alishan"
by devdev7878 June 24, 2011
the guy you call when you need some one to back you up in a fight or race, or a designated driver when you hit the club or bar

a jack of all trades
"dude can you back me up in a fight and a race or am i asking to much"

"I've got work, but i know a guy who can do both, and drive you home after you celebrate at the club. a jack of all trades a.k.a an alishan"

"thanks man you saved my life"
by thatdude3000 June 06, 2012

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