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A phrase given to refer to a pundit calmly, cooly stating for the record the situation but doing so in a way that is bullet-point, honest, courageous and angry without being hateful. The "Alise Mills Treatment" phrase started when a fan of Alise's heard the great BCLiberal pundit blast David Shreck, a BCNDP pundit, for smearing BC Liberal Premier Christy Clark as relying on cleavage and lacking substance.
Dude, did you see how that guy got the Alise Mills Treatment?

What a mensch that lady was, standing up to that bully by giving the full Alise Mills Treatment to him?

I just sat thru a presentation a lot like a dog and pony show and I felt the CEO was going to turn red because he got the Alise Mills Treatment for not listening to workplace safety issues we've raised the past five months.
by AliseFan October 10, 2011
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