Alicia's one of the hottest singers out there she's both beautiful and can sing, but she's hella boring and some of the things she says are dumb as hell.

She also has a tat on her lower back which says "think 4 urself"
I was watching some show on TV and Alicia made the strangest comment to another celeb she said "you cool, imma call you smashing pumpkin" so I'm thinking either she's stupid in real life, was high as hell or she was trying to be clever but failed again (see tattoo)
by high rolla April 16, 2005
One of the most boring, most formulaic persons I have ever heard A-bout
Formulaic as in : Using the same formula for today's R&B which is getting kinda old-(something 'bout her I don't care for)
by The NewAgeLover April 07, 2005
A woman with chest hairs
Not only can she sing but she also has chest hairs
by fishstick April 22, 2005

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