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An amazing girl who is always smiling, bubbly and laughing. She is really pretty and makes all her friends laugh by her unique, crazy personality.
"Who's that girl, she is so sweet and funny"
"Oh, that's Alice"
by youwishjelllyfish May 26, 2013
17 164
One sexy ass mo fo giantess, with louscious long legs that go all the way to URANUS! Often associated with a water pokemon cause damn, she gonna make you wet!. Only touch if you wanna be dragged down her rabbit hole into wonderland. Often under appreciated for for her whimsical charms.
OMG! Did you see those legs?" "Yerp she's an Alice.
by DarcyG June 05, 2011
16 497
A sexy, saucy british girl that is charming and sweet by definition but brilliant and hilarious through experience. An Alice is one of the best girls you could know. A wonderful friend and an amazing lover.
If you don't know Alice, you're really missing out!
by anonakon July 08, 2011
54 537
a awesome girl who brings a smile to everyones face. She has everything any guy would want. She is beautiful, smart, sexy and friggin hilarious!
Alice is a babe
by ROFL_MY_NUTSACK October 13, 2011
40 541
An awesome brunette. Always comforts you when you're down, keeps a secret, understands the importance of sisters before misters, loads of fun to be around, is your best friend and sister. Nicknamed Ali.
Who doesn't love Alice?
by Disvan November 24, 2010
84 585
Alice is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world , she has the most gorgeous eyes , the most beautiful smile and the cutest nose , her personality is one like no other she is completely random but thats what makes her perfect , she is always caring and loves her friends and if you ever get a chance with her dont ever let it slip as it will be the biggest regret of your life as she is perfect
Alice B really is the most perfect girl in the whole wide world :D
by A certain someone ;) December 28, 2011
63 577
The name of a girl who is so crazy no one can keep up with her. She is normally a bit of an indi/emo girl and people either love her or hate her for it but never in between.
She is funny and quite a few boys like her but generally are only interested in her physically as she gives it away to easily.
Normally blonde and ridiculously big boobs. She is vicious, likes it violent and is particularly into biting.
dude that girls a total alice..
how do you know?
she bites...
by justdontcare September 25, 2010
49 566
Totally awesome female who is more often than not, a ninja. Has many friends, but only those who are also ninja. Usually quite nerdy, enjoys Doctor Who and other shows in that persuasion, shares this interest with her friends.
wow, that girl is such an Alice!
by bluecow798 September 24, 2010
70 587