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Tamil & Malayalam slang denoting:
1. A Muslim Penis, esp. an Indian Muslim Penis or Pakistani Penis. Derived from 'Ali', a very common Irano-Semitic name.
2. Hence, a Hermaphrodite Penis, or incompletely developed phallus. Based on the erect 4.5-5.0 inch Nordic-Iranian Indo-Islamic Penis averaging a mere half the volume of the erect 6-12 inch Negroid-Australoid Dravidian Penis.

This term testifies to the deep-rooted Dravidian stereotype of the inferiority of the 'Thulukka-Lingam. One reason for this image is that we Indian Muslims are demographically the most predominant Caucasoid ethnic group in Tamil Nadu, outnumbering the 3% Brahmin population with our 5% share. Hence, it is we who have to bear the brunt of North Indian Penis Jokes.

However, the main factor for these beliefs is the notorious Thulukkachi Pondatti craze. Thus, the most beauiful & voluptuous of our Islamic divas & actresses always flock to the Negroes of India, as exemplified by the cases of Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon & Jyothika Sadanah. Popular S. Indian culture takes this sexual bias as uncontestable proof of the substandard size of the 'mukkal'

Another reason for this stereotype is the anal orientation of North Indian Sex. As the tight puckered 'goodham' is widely known as the last refuge for a small penis, this predeliction for Punjabi Sex & Hindustani Sex further cements the image of the Thulukkan & other N. Indian groups as underendowed.
1) Gulbaz: I wish I had a Dravida-Lingam instead of my short 4-inch Ali-Lingam!

2) "Napunchakalinga, (நபுஞ்சகம்) same as அலி, Ali or Alilinga, the neuter or rather hermaphrodite linga ... " - 'A comprehensive Tamil & English dictionary of High & Low Tamil' Miron Winslow. Madras: P R Hunt, 1862, p 106.

3) Clinical measurements confirm the Dravidian stereotype regarding N. Indian & Pakistani microphallism. Thus, according to 48-year old Dr M Alam of Pakistan, "The average penis size in Pakistan is 4.5 inch {11.43 cm}; ..." ('Penis size' malam01, 18 Mar 2012. Meanwhile, an int.l study placed the mean Pakistani Penis at 4.8 inches or 12.2cm, larger than the 4 inch or 10.24 cm average for the Indian Penis. ('The best-endowed men in the world!' 29 Mar 2011
However, this is significantly shorter than the 14 cm average for the Telugu Penis ('Multi-Ethnic Indian Penis Size Study' in: '11th Biennial Meetg of the Asia Pac Soc for Sexual Med Oct 6-10, 2007, Jeju, Korea' S Krishnamurti. J Sexual Med v5 sup5 (Dec 2008) 197-258).

4) Muslims are in turn fond of this name: "Here Sha'h Ali Linga', {p 330} who was in authority at Patna ... paid his respects to the Emperor." - 'The Political & Statistical History of Gujarát' ʿAlī Muḥammad Ḵhān. London: Richard
Bentley, Oriental Transl.n Fund, 1835, p 330-1.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012
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