uber pimp
Ali-G is the most awesome UK wanna be rapper in the history of ever.
by Legomaniac April 09, 2003
The greatest townie on the face of the earth. A true genius and supastar!
Damn that Ali G is enlightining
by milkshake March 26, 2005
Sacha Baron Cohen, english actor, comedian, became famous of his 11 O'Clock Show, later the ALi G Show on Channel 4 in GB. Ali is an imaginary person, a lame badass nigga ghetto supastar wannabe (despite of his white middleclass origin), who lives in Staines, Barkshire. Some love him, some would kill him in a cup of water. He's definitely a character, the leader of the Wesside Massive in Barkshire. (As seen in Ali G Indahouse.) On the show he's presenting his own dumbass and hilarious interviews with celebrities and VIP's.
A to the L to the I to the G, ALi G that's me, that's me...
by DJ_8T8 March 01, 2004
The greatest comedian to rock this world. With his main man Ricky, and his girlfriend Julie, he sets out to save the world.
me Julie, Ricky, Dave, Tupac, the PM, punani, massive, west side the best side!
by N June 19, 2004
United Kindom Comedian, uses phrases such as punani, forreal, check-dis-out.
Wikid, check-dis-out i is avin some mad punani
by BigDave January 06, 2003
A chav from Staines who is a member of the gang West Staines Massiv, he acts all hard, and smokes dope with his gang members
"Life is the most precious thing that jar has given us"

(Ali G then pulls out an M4 rifle and kills some cholo gang members)
by Ben Dovery April 16, 2010
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