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The act of catching a river trout, than returning home to clean it. After cleaning one than wraps it in a new paper for later use. When the female returns home the male entices here to the bed room. Sex begins and eventually have the female switch to a reverse cowgirl position, while she isn't paying attention remove said trout from newspaper and begin hitting her repeatedly till she leaves... than fry trout for next days lunch...
Mike: Hello Steve
Steve: Hey Mike! Would you like to grab a beer tomorrow?
Mike: No, I can't I am fishing for trout tomorrow so I can give this new girl the "Algonquin Trout Tickler", that will end all talks of moving in together!"
Steve: Wow man, you most defiantly should have Tickled her the first time so she knew you weren't that type of man who actually lives a with a woman!!!
by ChocolateEmu September 10, 2010
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