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1. Said in dismay when something too easy gets completely screwed up.

2. When you're not paying attention to your surroundings and are completely taken by surprise.

Used along with "Oh God.." for maximum effect.

Origin: On the NFL Network, Deion Sanders coined the phrase. Michael Vick had Alge Crumpler wide open, no one within 15 yards of him. Vick instead begins to throw the ball short, and Deion exclaims, "Oh God..Alge Crumpler!"

<Mike> Sorry I can't stop farting, man..

*2.1 seconds later, whiff of funk pierces Jim's mind*

<Jim> Oh God...Alge Crumpler!!
by NefariousThey February 07, 2007

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The vagina of an 83 year old woman.
Your grandma has a dusty Alge Crumpler.
by sswn, tlhe October 13, 2009