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A tuft of hair that sticks up, e.g. after a night's sleep. All other hair is stuck down with either one strand or just a tuft of hair sticking up at the back of the head.

Alternative spelling - Alfalpha, Alphalpha, Alphalfa
"Check out Dave's alfalfa"
by Blaustifft July 14, 2008
when a male gets an erection.
"Yo dude she is so hott, i just got an alfalfa"
by surfbum2390 June 11, 2009
smoking some alfalfa
by foul1 March 03, 2010
if you are receiving oral sex from your girl but she doesn't like to swallow you pull out when you are ready to orgasm and ejaculate across the top of her head giving her some what of a cow lick look
"girl why is your hair sticken' up in the back?" "i didn't want to swallow so my man gave me an alfalfa!"
by z'boy November 20, 2007
A big kiss with tongue and stuff.
She gave me this hot alfalfa. It was hot.
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006

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