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1. A male in a group of people (friends) that is the leader & other guys strive to be like..ex dress, walk, talk, ect..

2. The male in the group that most any girl would want to have sexual relations with due to good looks, great confidence & charisma. Also, most other guys like being his friend.

3. The alfa male does not have to be a popular actor of some sort or have a lot of money.

4. Other people in the social group will look to this person when it is decision time. Also, other people in the group value the alda male's "word".

5. The alfa male does not get into many fights because of his high intellect & high "cool" status with other males. A very laid back person unless him or his group is threatend or the reason to fight is totally justified.

6. Other people in a social enviroment can sense the presents of the alfa male when they walk into the room due to the vibe of insuperable he bleeds out.

The alfa male is not limited to a "single" male in a social group of friends.

Also commonly known as a Dillon or Josh
Ex: 1

Girl 1: Did you see that guy that just walk in? (Alfa Male)

Girl 2: YES! He just looks like the guy I would want to have my babies!

Girl 1: OMG..ME TOO!

Ex 2:
Guy 1: Man life sucks. I think I'm going to cry.

Alfa Male: it.

Guy 1: This might sound gay, but I love you. You are a badass friend.

Ex. 3:

Alfa Male(to his group): This place is boring let bounce like titties on Baywatch.

Fake alfa male(from outside talking to Alfa Male's females): Yall should stay & have fun with me.

Alfa Male: Don't sass me d*ckhead...back the f*ck off my sheep!

Fake alfa male(gets in Alfa Male's face): What you gonna do?? I'm taking your women!

Alfa Male(turns GREEN): AAHHHHHHHHH!!! <snaps fake alfa male's neck>
by 12Die4 December 16, 2008
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