The queen who gets her name from the King himself Shahrukh Khan. The gorgeous woman that completes him and is absolutely amazing!
He is so lucky to have Aleya in his life.
by DIVAsrk January 19, 2011
Top Definition
The most amazing, beautiful girl you will ever meet. She's very tall but has a perfect, long legged body. Every boy is in love with her but typically afraid to show it. She is amazing inside and out and VERY forgiving. If you once have this girl, don't ever, EVER let her go. She is very rare and hard to find. She struggles fitting in because no one really understands her. She takes people under her wing and has the most kind heart ever, Aleya's are extremely smart and everyone's dream girl. She needs change very soon and will get it. She's the girl everyone stops and stares at because of her beauty. Don't ever let go of an Aleya. They are hard to find.
Wow...Look at that gorgeous girl...She must be an Aleya
by JonnyBoyy110 April 09, 2011
a spunky gal who loves track and gold things she also likes math and is usually part asian.
ugh that aleya has so much energy, i wish i was her
by conchuela sandwich September 28, 2011

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