a girl who's smart, completely a nerd, and loves music, with piercing blue eyes and long brown hair.
"Who's that nerdy girl?"
"Oh, that's just Alexi. She's so smart!"
by iamthemockingjay December 03, 2014
The coolest mofo you will ever meet. He has a stunning personality that hypnotized them bitches and can take any girl to bed when he wants. He is a true playa
Denise: Omg Alexis is the most satisfying sex machine in bed
by Hundra69 September 15, 2013
Someone who doesn't listen. Is a complete bitch and lie's all the time. Is lazy and blames everyone else for what she does.
My child is being a total Alexis.
by MrsBeak June 16, 2016
A girl with a very big penis
My alexis ate my life
by TIROPIPAS June 20, 2016
It's also a guy's name
(pronounced Alexee)
ask a greek, or someone who knows a greek; to avoid confusion, guys named Alexis go by Alex
by marilyen July 26, 2012
Alexis is a guy that has a perfect personality that will conquer you with his humor. He plays a sport and will be famous soon. He is very talkative and very social. He knows what he wants and will do whatever to get it. He is a good cuddler and excellent in bed. Women get more than satisfied with him.
by Alexis tovar March 20, 2014
A girl that really cant keep her mourh shut sometimes but is really funny. She likes to cause drama but usualy fixes it later
Skylar: hey i think that guy over there was staring at my butt

Alexis: ima get your boyfriend to beat his ass

by Morellis May 14, 2015
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