An extremely underrated and very talented guitarist/lead singer. He is the (very sexy!!!) frontman for the Finnish metal band Children of Bodom. Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho composes most of the band's lyrics and music, and obviously, does a great job of it too. Alexi is a great axman and his guitar solos are challenging and just awesome to listen to. He could easily be the next Zakk Wylde.
"Establish world peace, kill everyone!"
-New sticker on Alexi's guitar

"Drink beer and don't give a flying fuck!!"
-Basically, his philosophy on life
by triplecorpsehammerblow December 01, 2004
Top Definition
The world's greatest metal god from the kickass metal band Children of Bodom. He's hott, too.
Look at Alexi, and listen to his awesome guitar riffs!
by child of bodom May 23, 2004
The greatest guitar player ever. He plays in the band Children Of Bodom. His riffs and solo's are the best and sings like no one. He is god.
Hail Alexi.

Other metal gods are Shagrath and Dani Filth.
I need a bishop preaching fire... to get away with my sins!
I despise everything I see so I don't give a fuck if ya hate me!
by dajk September 19, 2004
Hottest metal musician in the universe. Performing vocals and guitar in 'Children of Bodom', Alexi screams and howls his mysterious lyrics into the night. Wears eyeliner and plays killer riffs. Hot stuff.
'Children of Bodom' 'Cute' 'sexy' 'messiah'
by metal goddess March 03, 2005
Sex god and guitar god.

The lead vocalist, composer and guitarist for the awesome metal band Children of Bodom. Hail this glorious figure.
Phwoar, it's Alexi Laiho
by Rachyykiinss'z May 17, 2009
member of amazing finnish band Children of Bodom.
a really sexy boy indeed, but most of all a great voice and guitar player!!
Alexi Laiho is the new Zakk Wylde!
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009
also known as Alexi Copychild, decent guitarist known for copying countless riffs and licks, rearranging them with his band Children of Bodom. Likes to wear make-up and his sexual orientation is unknown.
Example: Alexi Laiho
by Mister P January 30, 2005
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