A fairly attractive man, don't let his man-like appearance fool you. Deep down he is a man child who enjoys lewd jokes and playing in the park. He's a sweet guy usually, but will try to persuade you otherwise with buckets full of bravado and constant boasting. If he compliments you it will usually be quickly followed by an insult, so don't get too excited. He's pretty fit, although could use a few more sit ups in the gym.

He's often known to steal people's catch phrases and use them as his own, and will never concede to being wrong or not know directions. His favourite pastimes include munting, motorbike riding and chucking hissy fits when he loses his phone. He is creatively inclined, and can design clothes and will usually play a musical instrument. Most common phrases include "All of the....", "I'm starting to enjoy your company, which is depressing" and donald duck impersonations. He is also known for his very distinct dance moves. If you know an Alex, you're pretty lucky.
Guy1: "I went munting the other night..."

Guy2: "Oh, were you with Alex?"

Girl1: "That guy is so hot....although he is really neglecting those sit ups"
Girl2: "Sounds like Alex."
by Clint Heroldini January 06, 2013
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Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.
Girl: yeah he is sooo Alex
by wakage September 18, 2007
The most amazing guy ive ever met.
Alex is someone who knows how to love.
You know they're always there for you.
And when you express your feelings, he's still there for you unlike many jackasses.
by Gethyphe December 15, 2007
You will never forget this guy.
He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.
He will stick by your side no matter what.
Has a beautiful smile.
Is sweet, funny, kind, a gentleman, lover, smart, everyone loves him.
Ladies man.
Best boyfriend ever.
Great cuddler.
Will turn your world upside down.
Thinks ahead of time.
Always on time.
Great listener.
Very friendly.
If you get him mad he will turn into a hardass.
I Love him <3
"Alex is such a great guy"
by omgbutter December 26, 2011
A universally well-recognized unisexual name.

Often derived used as a shortened name for names like (but not limited to): Alexandra, Alexander, Alexandria, Alexa, Alexandra the Queen, Alexander the Great, AlexAlexAlex.
"Hi! My name is Alexander the Great, but you can call me Alex"
by Alexander Man Ho September 04, 2005
Best guy ever.
will never leave my side.
i love him with all my heart.
sweet, kind, sexy, gentleman, polite, everyone loves him, smart, always thinks ahead of time and plans everything out.
he will make your heart beat with pide
and shine with happiness which surfaces
with a smile upon your face.
always knows a way to a girls heart.
never pass up an oppurtunity to be with him
as he makes me feel warm.
is a ladies man and is a very naughty boy.
phone calls are alwasy funny as well as msn chats.
cant get him out of my head.
I love you Alex
*sigh* He Is So My Alex =)
by Jaccamental August 21, 2008
the most beautiful person in the world. a little perfect one mostly nice but can have mood swings the softest nicest lips.
alex is my dream
by bekkkkkk September 04, 2008
A common name for both males and females coming from Alexander and Alexandra.
Male- lazy, stubborn, passionate, party animal, very loving and affectionate.
Female- stubborn, easily agitated, fiercly loyal, also very affectionate, desires attention, moody, loves being in relationships.
"Alex, come here!" or "What is Alex doing tonight?"
by beachboozer December 04, 2007

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