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A kid who's like 11 now and in the Naked Brothers Band. He wears doo rags, fake tattoos and has curly hair. He plays the drums and skateboards. He also hits on women who are like 24. He's gonna be a total player once he hits highschool.
"Dude, who's that curly haired little kid hitting on your girlfriend?"

"Oh, crap! Alex Wolff get away from my girlfriend! She's 11 years older than you man!"
by Langenbrunner Baby 15 October 28, 2008
Nat Wolff's 10-year-old brother. He is also in the Naked Brothers Band. He plays the drums.
Alex Wolff also writes songs.
by Josh June 09, 2008
Alex wolff just might be the cutest thing in the world. he has a bunch of good qualities and is the right match for me. there. i said it.
groupie 1: omg did u see alex wolff's new braces?

groupie 2: yeah there soooooooo adorable! i cant wait until there off! he'll look so much better!

groupie 1: ......... if you were a real fan of alex wolff, you would like with or without his braces. poser.
by Kat Oakley March 15, 2009
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