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An awesome Greek last name. Comes from the Greek word for flour, "alevri". Another form of Alevra is Alevras. Alevra's will kick your ass if you spell or pronounce it "Alvera". It's pronounced the way it looks: A-lev-ra. They might get annoyed if you say "aloe vera" instead, too. Alevra's are total pros at sports because they are just cool like that. They are also nice and crazy (in a good way).
Person 1: "Your last name is Alvera?"
Alevra: "NO!!!!!!! IT'S ALEVRA!!!" (annoyed with Person 1)

Person 2: "Your name means flour? Why not flower?"
Alevra: "Flour makes brownies..."
by Awesome Greek Person Yay January 08, 2011