The name of a brasilian girl that probably doesn't like peanut butter and likes to laugh or crack up a lot even for no reason.

They are nice and usually friendly.

Alessa is also the name of the devil child in the movie 'Silent Hill'
Me: 'Alessa likes peanut butter!'
Alessa: 'What are you talking about you Dumb Dirty Bitch?! ... Haha Im Just Kiddin'
by DuracellBattery August 26, 2008
Top Definition
Tall, tan, extremely attractive, and loves food. Super fun to be around and totally crazy when it comes to partys :)
Woah, that chick is totally alessa!
by Californiachickaa August 18, 2008
Alessa is the most understanding, patient, loving, and compassionate person you will ever meet. Much like her name's origin she is a "noble defender" and puts others needs before her own and does her best to serve mankind to make this world a better place. She is able to connect to others in a very deep and intimate manner due to her trustworthiness and unconditional love for others.
"Alessa has always been there for us, no matter what we do, she loves us no matter you know anyone else like that?"

"No Alessa is one of a kind, and the most beloved friend I have. I love her a whole lot, and she loves us a whole lot too"
by ShadowTruthSeeker March 22, 2013
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