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A beautiful and aspiring young woman. If you're lucky enough to meet a girl named Alease, especially spelled the way that it is, consider yourself one of the lucky few. Alease is extremely sassy, so much so that when she spits her fire, it can be felt around the world. If she ever gets on your nerves you are quickly reminded of just how special she is to you whether that may from be her sense of humor, her laugh or just the way that she makes you feel when you are around her. Alease is incredibly pretty and has a natural beauty that is more radiant than one-hundred suns though this fails to surmount her inner beauty. She is super funny, extremely smart and like most girls, looking for a good time. She's not dumpy or stupid so tricks that may have worked on other girls will not phase her. She's got a cute smile that masks a fierce personality, so watch out! Alease is a girl that is worth keeping around, even with your other guy friends, as she fits in perfectly with any friend group. Don't take advantage of her because there aren't many in the world like her, so you should cherish her.
Person 1 : " So I met this girl named Alease today!"
Person 2: "Woah, aren't you lucky man, did you get her digits?"
Person 1: " Hell yeah I did, I would have missed out had I not!"
Person 2: " Good, cause had you not, I definitely would have. Consider yourself lucky!"
by Baked Brotato June 18, 2015
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