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Albino Black is not to be confused with an afro-albino. Albino Black Man is the darkest man to ever live, being forged in the heart of the sun before earth had life. Although Albino Black Man is the darkest man ever, he appears to be a white person due to his albino condition. Having been born in the heart of the sun, he possesses multiple advantages. His full range of abilities is unknown to all except Albino Black Man. He was seen to alter molecular structures to form gold, he can the ability to alter gravitational fields, and has been known to use telepathy. There are also unsubstantiated rumors Albino Black Man is not alone. There may be others.
Albino Black Man is the champion of all people except Haitians because they don't contribute anything but mangoes and AIDS.
by Beerninja November 15, 2007
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