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An amazing, beautiful girl, big brown eyes, beautiful smile, always trying to find the positives out of a bad situation, has big insecurities, complicated, the kind of girl that you'd dream of having. ambitious, independent and strong. always wants to better herself. can be stubborn, but she'll be worth every struggle if you get her.
I would wait years to have a Albertina

you'd be lucky to have a Albertina!
by the life of man January 06, 2013
Quiet and sweet, but can be a total bitch when neccessary, a great singer and performer
protects her friends, is known to answer to albert occasionally on occasions
hey girrll you lookin albertina today
by just a chick im called November 15, 2011
A brown haired and brown eyed girl who is a wanna-be.
She is the type of person that pretends to be your friend then will go behind your back and tell everyone your secrets (most likely to be BS) just to try and be popular because she is a self-centered bitch who only gives a shit about herself and wil never succede in life.
Fuck! Albertina's making up rumors again!
Wow she's such a bitch!
by carma's a bitch June 08, 2010
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