Rythm guitarist for the New York rock group and my personal favorite band, The Strokes. Has pouffy 70's afro hair, brown eyes(i think) and sometimes a small unshaven beard.
His father is also a famous musician.
I threw my 'fro pick at my friend in rage when Albert Hammond Jr. walked by and it accidentally got stuck in his hair with out him noticing. How awsome is that shit!?
by Blode & Food October 27, 2005
Top Definition
Guitarist for The Strokes, also has the best fashion sense and afro of any man alive. During guitar solos he practically has an orgasm. It makes for a nice show.
I want to do Albert Hammond Jr.
by eltonjohn May 27, 2006
Albert Hammond Jr is one of the two guitarists of the Strokes, basically the best band on earth. he plays a fender stratocaster and dresses in a fine suit most of time, and when not in a suit, he is still dressed very nicely. he and the rest of the Strokes, Nikolai Fraiture, Nick Valensi, Fab Moretti, and Julian Casablancas, rule the world. Albert has a gigantic afro now and he is an amazing showman on stage. Always looks like he is high, too. He poses as it it most pictures
Albert Hammond Jr. owns.
by Rhodesie June 29, 2006
probably the coolest member of the Strokes, Albert possesses a kickass sense of style, major wit, and the best down stroke technique seen since Buddy Holly. Albert is the shit...
"Ah shucks. I wish all guys could be as cool as Albert Hammond JR."
by abnumedahl June 21, 2006
Albert Hammond jr. plays lead and rythm guitar in (i'll try not to be too subjective here) the absoloute BEST and revolutionary band in the world, The Strokes. Albert was sent to the elite boarding school "Institut Le Rosey" at 13, where he was lucky enough to stumble accross the sexiest man alive and fellow Stroker Julian Casablancas ( see Julian Casablancas). Albert is probably one of the best dressed men i have ever seen, and enjoys wearing formal suits, usually a different one for each show. He holds the guitar in a high horizontal position, and this in conjunction with his affro mimics sexual intercourse to screaming fans alike.
Albert Hammond jr. your hair is a god in the form of an affro.
by SophXxx August 12, 2006
A guitarist for the Strokes (along with Nick Valensi). Credited for accentuating the unique, palatable fashion of the band.

Has the biggest hair and personality of all 5 members.
His father, Albert Hammond, was a producer.

Attended New York Film School.
by Julia B. June 12, 2005
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