way tha fuck out in tha middle of nowhere. its part of the united states, but everyone forgets about it.
man, take a trip to alaska and never come back.
The amazing awesome hint to Janessa Holway's birthday present.
I'll give you a hint to your amazing gift! Alaska.
by Harah Homonymn April 07, 2009
Basically a guy licking a girl's vaginal area with a scotch or vodka ice cube.
Eric gave is girl Lily a nice alaska and she had her period in his mouth. Unfortunately, she sent him her stds too.
by Take a lucky guess May 03, 2008
Home of the great tundra plains, some harsh bud(fucking expensive, up to $10 bucks a bowl), outdoor activities, and much more. Their is some great music such as Josh Boots and Akream. Quadding(4 Wheelers) to hunting we have everything.
Dude Getting baked before we go quad is a good idea cause i just bought a gram of the good Alaska weed.
by The Pharcyde November 20, 2007
The state where people live in igloos
in alaska most people live in igloos
by MrFartmanTv November 16, 2011
someone ,usually female, that is a complete state

named so because alaska is the biggest state in america
Tom: OMG look at that girl

Holly: Why?

Tom: She is an absolute alaska!
by Tom ELbourne June 26, 2007
Where a person chews up ice to make their mouth cold and performs oral sex for another person.
She gave him an Alaska with the ice from her Big Gulp.
by Kristen September 08, 2004
The chest area, usually for girls who wear extremely low-cut shirts with their boobs popping out of them.
Megan: Gee, Katie, nice shirt.
Katie: Yeah, it's my Alaska Shirt.
by kippylikeWHO? November 19, 2007

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