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While performing anal sex, ejaculate into ones anal cavity. Step back and have your partner fart it back onto you.This has some what of the same appearences as a gun shot
by GANGJA69 August 16, 2009
V. The act of banging a chick in the ass, shooting your wad in her butt, then stepping back while she shoots splattery cum/shit on your chest, appearing similar to the spreadshot pattern of a shotgun. Also known as the Mississippi Mudgun or the Hungarian Howitzer.
Me and Linda got drunk last night, I fucked her in the pooper, then I asked her for an Alabama Buckshot.
by THE Big Daddy C September 06, 2006
The action of a man taking a dump in a womans vagina and she queefs the feces out onto the mans face.
The man died due to her excessive alabama buckshot.
by MFgrape July 10, 2009