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V. The act of banging a chick in the ass, shooting your wad in her butt, then stepping back while she shoots splattery cum/shit on your chest, appearing similar to the spreadshot pattern of a shotgun. Also known as the Mississippi Mudgun or the Hungarian Howitzer.
Me and Linda got drunk last night, I fucked her in the pooper, then I asked her for an Alabama Buckshot.
by THE Big Daddy C September 06, 2006
While performing anal sex, ejaculate into ones anal cavity. Step back and have your partner fart it back onto you.This has some what of the same appearences as a gun shot
by GANGJA69 August 16, 2009
The action of a man taking a dump in a womans vagina and she queefs the feces out onto the mans face.
The man died due to her excessive alabama buckshot.
by MFgrape July 10, 2009
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